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On Target Response offers the Stop the Bleed course, a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to control and manage life-threatening bleeding. The course focuses on empowering participants to become immediate responders in emergency situations where severe bleeding can occur. During the Stop the Bleed course provided by On Target Response, participants learn the following key components: Bleeding Control Techniques: Participants are trained in various bleeding control techniques, including direct pressure, wound packing, and the use of tourniquets. They learn how to assess and identify severe bleeding and apply appropriate measures to control it effectively. Proper Tourniquet Application: Tourniquets play a crucial role in controlling severe bleeding in limb injuries. Participants receive hands-on training on the correct application of tourniquets, ensuring optimal tightness and placement to effectively stop bleeding and potentially save lives. Wound Packing: In cases where direct pressure alone is not sufficient, participants learn the technique of wound packing, which involves packing a wound with appropriate dressings to promote clotting and control bleeding. Recognition and Response: Participants are educated on how to quickly recognize life-threatening bleeding situations and respond appropriately. They learn how to assess the severity of the injury, activate the emergency response system, and provide timely assistance until professional help arrives. Hands-on Practice: The course incorporates practical exercises and simulations, allowing participants to apply their knowledge and skills in realistic scenarios. This hands-on practice enhances their confidence and proficiency in performing bleeding control techniques. Certification: Upon successful completion of the Stop the Bleed course, participants receive a certification acknowledging their competence in managing severe bleeding. This certification serves as a testament to their ability to respond effectively and potentially save lives in critical situations.

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